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Clermont, Florida, United States


Centropymusic, The Band - Plate, Record Label - Theory Workz

Centropymusic, Heavy Rock Band - Plate, Record Label - Theory Workz

About the original band, PLATE

Right on time, the show opened after Rhonda introduced Orlando’s own, Plate. Having heard some of the band’s music before, but never having had the pleasure to see them live, I was excited to see and hear their faith-based brand of Hard Rock/Metal. They have an honest, raw and rather late-80s retro Metal sound,guitarist and frontman Craig Fraley, bass player Mung Parker and Jazz drummer Erik Pimentel took the stage to the growing crowd. Get there early, stay late, I always say. Their all-original set included “BobcatBlues”, “Creatzon”, “Transformed”, “Wheels of Freedom”, “Levee”, “Brain Teeze”, “Vanilla Sundae” and “Descenzion”; all except one being on their latest release entitled Techtonic Planet (review to follow shortly). Being a music theory teacher and minister of music, it came as no surprise that the guitarwork was spectacular and the messages positive in the musical themes and in between song banter with the audience. If you dig old Van Halen, Dokken guitarist George Lynch and throaty, 70s Hard Rock vocals, Plate is definitely in your wheelhouse. Throw in traditional, Bluesy bass lines and very tight drumming and really good gets that much better. With the addition of looped samples, the depth of this trio gets some thicker feeling, allowing for more melody to play harmony through. Very, very clever use of looping that I have not heard used in this manner so effectively. Honestly, it just drops into the background unless you are listening for it but very cool nevertheless. Definitely check these guys out if you are tired of the same old and need some divine encouragement. Review from Odyssey and